The Walls

The climbing wall at Harewood College is one of the best school walls in the country. Constructed by King Kong Climbing Walls in 2011 it is split into 3 main areas;

The main wall

This wall has 12 independent rope lines with 2-3 routes on each, all of which can be top roped or lead climbed. It ranges from 9-11m in height, varying from vertical walls to various overhangs the largest of which overhangs an impressive 3m. Route grades on this wall vary from F4 to F7a.

The left hand edge of this wall has a featured over hanging section and the wall itself is split by a challenging corner crack.

The beginners walls

This separate wall is ideal for beginners, warming up and those who want easier climbing. It is 8m high with a selection of easier climbs on it from F3 to F6a. It has 5 rope lines on it with one overhanging line. The rest of the wall is vertical with one corner climb on it. The bottom half of some of this wall pivots out to provide a slabby start to some of the routes if required.

The traverse wall

Between the two roped walls is a section of traversing wall 8m long x 2.5m high. Set with a variety of traversing routes it is ideal for warm ups, but can still provide a challenge in itself.

Additional Information

Lead climbing

All of the roped routes are set with top ropes however they can all also be used for lead climbing. You will need to bring your own rope & quick draws (max 7) if you wish to do this.

Route setting

Route setting will take place about once every 3 months. With a selection of the routes changed each time. If you would like to join our route setting team then please contact us.